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Madhur Courier Services (MCS) is one of the pioneer players in the Indian express Industry and it is a well-known Brand of Indian express industry. MCS has begun its journey from the Capital city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh on 1st June 1986. In the last 28 years it has spreads its wings to all part of the country. MCS covers more than 6000 Pin codes through its own network and 2460 franchisees. To gain the foothold in the Competitive market, MCS primarily focussed on market segment mainly traders in Textile and other small scale industry.


MCS?s visionary Board lead by its founder Chairman, the sharp and agile Mr Mohan lal Kotwani found big opportunity in this segment and remained focussed on it. Mr Kotwani has been awarded with ?The Businessman with Difference? by the leading newspaper house in the Madhya Pradesh. He is involved in many social and community services. Initially MCS management developed Madhya Pradesh, the home town and that earned them the name of the largest and strongest courier of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Due to its unique style and network Brand Madhur is extremely popular in the industry.


With changing market scenario and business dynamics, MCS successfully entered in to Banking, finance, insurance, telecom, Automobile, education and pharmaceutical industry. Now MCS offered products and services on par with any leading courier companies in the country. MCS provide online tracking system to its customer with excellent customer and operation support. MCS offers the services and products that suit every segment of the industry. The main services offered by MCS are,


  Madhur Courier services
  Madhur Courier
  Air and Surface Cargo
  International services


MCS has been consistent performance over the last two decades. After initial struggling period, the MCS management has remained focused on Market segment for the business. This special focus has helped company established as a leader in segment of garment and market business.


The Board of MCS has been practicing ethical business norms and it has a clean record in terms of statutory compliance on account of service tax, Income tax and other mandatory compliances. Besides adherence to compliances, Company has maintained a very clean and strong Banking records with Bankers.


MCS strength


  Strong, experience and competent management.
  Network of 2460 channel partners with 28 years of success.
  Tried, tested and proven business model.
  Distinctive brand image.
  System & procedures to run the business unit IT system